SSH & SFTP Client

With Pisth, you can connect to your SSH server for sending commands with a fully featured terminal and browse files. Pisth is integrated to the system so native file icons are used, you can use Siri Shortcuts and drag and drop.

File Browser

Pisth has an SFTP file browser in wich you can move, copy, remove and download files. You can also edit text files and upload them just after editing.


Pisth has an xterm web based terminal with support nano, vim, htop, etc. You can send ctrl keys.


You can save command line snippets for each connection and send them. You can also drag them.

Drag & Drop

With iOS 11 drag and drop, you can move files, drag them to the terminal and drag text to the terminal.

Open Source

Pisth is open source, so you can learn from it or contribute.


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