Python 3.7 on iOS

With Pyto, you can code and run Python 3.7 code from your iOS device! You can install pure Python modules with pip.
All default Python modules are installed and some modules are made just for Pyto. Includes Numpy 1.14.6, Matplotlib 3.0.2, Pandas 0.24.1, pip.

Run scripts

Scripts are executed locally!


The full Python REPL is included in Pyto.


Install pure Python modules from PyPi easily.

Numpy, Matplotlib & Pandas

Matplotlib 3.0.2, Pandas 0.24.1 and Numpy 1.16.1 are included.


Code an User Interface with UIKit Objective-C APIs!
Yes! Pyto gives you access to UIKit classes.

Open Source

Pyto is open source, so you can learn from it or contribute.


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